How do u propose to celebrate Diwali ?

1. movie first day first show!
2. watching TV
3. freaking out with friends
4. eat n sleep ( my favorite )
5. burst crackers

Heh I aint a child any more! I cant burst crackers!

But why? You lost all energy to burst crackers?

Enter your age to check if u can burst crackers..

Remember it as great fun once upon a time. When it was diwali time, a big list of crackers was framed a month before. Everybody had that child in them that they were too eager jus to see a cracker shop on the road. And try possibly to collect as many cracker price catalogues as possible. Make a comparative study, discuss with friends in the apartment. Where did all that excitement vanish?

It was a long wait for diwali and a thousand rupees worth crackers were bought and bursted off. A big discussion takes place especially if u live in a apartment for a week before diwali regarding crackers alone. Its usually a thro night (all awake and no sleep night) the night before diwali. And what excitement it was on the day of diwali. With fancy fireworks reserved for the night, it was so rightly called the festival of lights.

Believe me you still like bursting crackers but its basically out of shyness and also you feel old. Never feel old. You still have the child in you. I don’t mean to say it’s a nice idea to play with rollcaps or matches or snake. But there are enough crackers reserved for adults and are great fun!!

Discover the child in you today! Buy and burst crackers! See smiles return to your face again!

copter flash game download   [VIEW FULL POST]


I have seen people get addicted to this game. It is easy in the beginning and it goes on till some time. Copter flash download here, you can just play here, without download.
You may also like to make your screen in to full screen. How amazing when played in a group.

Here is the link. copter flash game download

I scored a thousand points, first time i played and i know it is a pretty low score. I have people drag about for a long time.

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happy days telugu movie   [VIEW FULL POST]


Happy days movie, in telugu, was the telugu first movie i watched in theater. It was simply amazing, amazing!!! Also be sure to watch out jill jill jinga.

Happy days movie, is all about college life, and for a matter of fact, it starts from the first day of college and ends worth he last day. Not a day apart from the college. It is major targeted at teen traffic , and it has delivered, what it has passed. It has got everything one experiences in college life, right from ragging, senior junior fight, cricket match, first crush, girls, canteen, flirting, outing, placements and all you could imagine in a great fun filled college life.

The story starts with four boys, chandru, rajesh, tyson and shankar. Of course there are four girls, with beautiful gorgeous madhu, and three other girls. Appu, has done a great job in acting and she has left a impressive place in acting. Rajesh, was the pick of the boys, playing the "cool, humorous and funny guy". He has done a great job.

Songs are also good in happy days, with jill jill jinga, really amazing. Download happy days songs download here. jil jil jinga is simply awesome.

Also, i fell in love with beautiful madhu, i managed to get a few pics from other websites. happy days movie heroine tamanna bhatia pictures. I also managed to get one shot on the screen. I ll upload it soon.

Tyson - He is a amazing cool chap, who falls in love with a curly girl, but she is his senior. She has got good hearts for him, but the age difference and her boy friend prevent her from favoring his love.

Rajesh - Jolly guy, funny and beer guy. Need i say more, by far the most lasting character from the film. The hair style in the beginning of the film and the ragging scenes leave him out of the box.

chandru - He is the hero, he has done well. In love with beautiful madhu. But he could have done even better.

appu - Boy cut, cool girl. My favorite chap in the crowd. She has acted extremely well in the movie and deserves credit.

madhu - Simply beautiful!!

Whose your favorite??

Here are a few pictures from the happy days movie pictures

happy days movie tyson
happy days telugu movie chandru
happy days movie pictures
happy days movie pictures
happy days telugu movie
happy days movie madhu
happy days telugu movie madhu
happy days movie rajesh
happy days movie tamanna
happy days movie tyson


anti microsoft pics   [VIEW FULL POST]


Check out this awesome animated gif... [click on the gif image above]
And this one too...

P.s. - I am still a windows user..
But i am a

insane coder..



Why india is in trouble? funny forward   [VIEW FULL POST]


I never read mail forwards, i simply delete them. I have not forwarded a joke or a quote or "send it to seven people" message.. but this is really special.

Why INDIA is in trouble?

Population: 100 crore
9 crore retired
30 crore in state Govt
17 crore in central Govt
(Both Category don't work)
1 crore IT professional (don't work for India)
25 crore in school
1 crore r under 5 years
15 crore unemployed
1.2 crore u can find anytime in hospitals
Statistics says u find 79,99,998 people anytime in jail
The Balance two are U & Me.

You are enjoying your time, surfing on the internet.



Karapampoochi o phobia   [VIEW FULL POST]


From the bathroom : Karapam poochi is also a poochi. But this poochi makes girls scream. Having a chella per (Nick name) karapu, this lives anywhere and everywhere, especially in drainage, toilets, and behind doors. We can find karapu when we clean houses. This karapu is not karupu color, but in reddish brown color. All girls and even many elderly women over scene potufy, when they see this karapu. First when the karapu is lying on its back, it starts. When it gets on its feet. “aiyo karapamboochi” Start the music than. This scene pottufying gets doubled, when the karapu takes off from the ground and when it flies. This scene further gets doubled when this flying karapu, lands on the person. The intensity of the shout is proportional to the size of the karapu, although the youth are believed to make the young girls scream (no pun intended). Elderly women get hold of a thodapa kattai, also called seemar, for killing this karapu. [continue] Once the karapu is dead, it is moved on to a paper or a plastic utility called “moram” and thrown off. Now a sign of relief on the girl’s face. It is common to come across this scene potufying sentence.
“I am afraid of cockroaches”. But why?

From the kitchen :
A cockroach is a poochi, which does not harm humans by biting like a yerumbu. It does not assemeble in a march past and go in a line between floors, doors, windows, ceiling, etc. It does not even assemble in large numbers, except in night. Yaa they are nocturnal insects. They don’t come behind sweets, curd and other items left alone on the kitchen or somewhere. They just live on paper, clothes. They don’t get inside clothes (read innerwear) and bite in some places. …hmm.. and make us uncomfortable. Beyond this, the ant is given a status of god. Adhan - small black ants called “pulayar yerumbu” , which kichu kichu mootifies. Too much partiality for the ants, which give a lot of trouble, relative to karapu, which does little harm.

From the reading room :

Cockroaches are one of the earliest creatures that existed on earth. Their scientific name is periplanata Americana. They are the ones, which are responsible for a few fossils existent today. Many research studies indicate the presence of cockroaches even before the era of dinosaurs, also adding they cannot be destroyed easily.

Romba over scene ku cockroach race vera nadukum. This is realtively ok, but this. Everywhere an IPOD seems to be on the list of lucky draw contests. Aana idu three much. 13 cockroaches

From the dining room :

Its disgusting even to write this. But there are people in this world, who eat cockroaches. Cockroach noodles is also very famous. Cockroach Eating competitions like this are rare, ennaku slight a vomit vara mari iruku....

From the living room :

Whenever the topic of cockroach persists in a group, all girls put their hands on their faces and say “aiyo! Karapamboochi na Enaku romba bayam pa”.
Aiyo ! aiyo !




“uppu seri illa, karam seri illa”. These are some common comments which we pass at the dining table. All we can do is just wait at the table for hot food and complain “this is not fine!” at the dining table, (still ending up with a full stomach and an empty plate.). We have even heard a few girls scene potufy by saying “Heh, I know only to make hot water in the kitchen pa.”. But have you ever been a part of a “cooking” team? Have you at least been to the kitchen to cook something? It really takes more to spend a day at the kitchen. Ya, you heard it right. It was altogether least expected, but it happened and I spent some time cooking in my kitchen. continue reading...

The Karnataka state government had called for a bandh on Monday for the cauvery tribunal verdict, and all shops were meant to be closed on Monday. With a heavy schedule in the past week, I missed out on buying something to eat on Sunday night. We (me and my roomies) foresaw the bandh and planned to buy bread or something for the next day. But as it happens every time, we forgot. And when it hot our minds again, it was ten thirty in the night already and we managed to buy only some noodles (maggi , ofcourse). We got up early (in the afternoon) and decided to give a shot at the hotel nearby. But, just like we had expected, There was not even a “e” “kaka” on the road.

So, hungry boys returned home. The kitchen we have house is currently used as a store room, for daily newspapers, old covers and more. We go there every time only to drink water or use the big collection of cleanser, skin moisturizer, shampoo, hair moisturizer, talcum powder, after shave, a big collection of perfumes every morning. There was not a single piece of utensils, spare one spoon, which I use for chawanaprash. Now we have two magi noodles packets in our hands, and two hungry stomachs, but no gas stove or vessels to cook with. With the bell ringing heavy in our stomachs, we had to do something very quickly.

I took it a challenge to eat the noodles (not raw..) somehow. Bulb glows and an idea hit my mind. We brought a bucket and filled it with water, and dipped the immersion heater in to it. With great luck, we found a plastic bowl on the loft. We broke open the noodles, and “adan gokkamakka”, there was no drinking water in the house. So we had to boil bathroom water and pour the same in to the maggi plastic bowl. After some time, when the water was more than tepid, we set up a apparatus where the bowl would float on the water but still be immersed in the water, enough to get the noodles cooked. We made the bowl float somehow and put on it enough weight to get it immersed. Again the “adan gokkamakka”. This time, very horribly, the power went off. It was too frustrating. All our work would go waste. Not a big issue, but I would go hungry. Too big a issue. Fortunately for us, the power was restored in fifteen minutes and I had to set up the apparatus again. Having no previous cooking experience in the kitchen, this was sort of interesting as well as challenging. I didn’t know how much water to use for one packet of maggi. So every two minutes I opened the bowl, added some more water. This was time consuming because, every time I did it, I had to switch off the immersion heater and remove the apparatus, add water, set it up and switch on the immersion heater again. The water in the bucket got heated, but still the noodles were yet to get cooked fully.

After a long process of waiting, finally the noodles were ready. Extremely fortunately, we had bought a couple of plates last week to eat parcel food, when we returned late from office. This came in handy. At last it was done and we had the noodles in two plates with only one spoon. As hunger wouldn know anything, the noodles disappeared in to our stomachs in less than a minute, wanting for more. Thank goodness, the bandh was only till six in the evening and at sharp six, we were out to eat.

This was really a great experience, but It would have been a lot better, had it been more packets of noodles. Any way, without that, it would have been toooooo worse. This challenge also aroused great interests in cooking in my mind. Mom and your kitchen, here I come!



cafe coffee day and windows vista   [VIEW FULL POST]


Last week I became just one other person to be influenced by a world best seller “RICH DAD POOR DAD” and it pointed out some thing to me. Call it financial intelligence, business tactics, or greed for money, it is a must read for almost everybody. As an excerpt of the point I was mentioning above,

Donald trump had a great idea in his mind when he started the great chain of McDonalds. All that people could vision was that he was doing burger business. But in reality he was doping real estate. He was simply acquiring plots of lands, on which stood the restaurant itself. Another “wow” fact about this chain of restaurants is that, (no I haven’t seen many but just read this) Almost most of McDonald restaurants are located in corners.

Well, forget McDonalds, lets talk about one another leading chain of coffee shops in the country. Café coffee day (CCD) is truly a leading chain of coffee shops and hangouts. Now what I want you to do is to reckon your last visit to café coffee day and together with its location. I am actually expecting a unanimous answer. Just like McDonalds, café coffee day is located in street corners or in very accessible place in the locality. (say ground floor and near the entrance in a shopping mall). Its just among the “eleven over ten” (pathu ooda pathinonnu) coffee shops in the city, and they are not serving the best coffee, I swear on that. I was there last evening and I took a mango colada. I couldn believe it when I dragged in the first sip. It was too watery. How much I wished I had the same mango colada, sorry mango juice in “west mambalam IGLOO”. Oh Dear, it was just two bucks. And tasted good too, certainly better than this colada. In spite of serving not so good stuff, they are doing too good and the secret behind the success also centers upon the location of CCD stops.

One another coffee hangout, quite famous in Chennai is mocha. I swear every body will love it. It has such a nice ambience. If you have been in Chennai for quite some time and you are yet to set foot on this place, decide it to be next hangout. You can tuly count on me for that. An ideal place for a date too. On a little contrast between mocha and CCD, location has played a big role in the upcoming of CCD. Mocha besides being rich in its wonderful ambience and music (wow) , serves amazing food. Me and my friends more than frequent there (20 times a month) and love it. Still it is not as famous as CCD.

And in my last visit to CCD, we found some thing truly strange. The menu card had the famous Microsoft colors on it. Ads for windows vista, calling wow. I didnt even trace a clue when I saw it. But after sometime, inspired by my brother to take a snap of something unusual :-), I clicked it too. Windows vista and café coffee day?? Sounds like only rich people can afford time at café coffee day. Ya, I paid 47 rupees for that useless mango colada, or mango juice with icecream, with water, of which I managed to sip in only 50%. Whose deal was it? Possibly microsoft’s. [view full post] These guys are certainly better marketers of mediocre products. So the analogy is Microsoft and coffee day, just like apple and mocha. But there seems to have done a lot of research behind the woods for the I phone and other products. What to do? Birds of the same feather flock together.

What you see above is the menu card at cafe coffe day..